Surveying the Community 2022 Parent Survey

East Beechboro Primary School

Dear Parents,

Each year the school reports annually to the school community on information in relation to student achievement, school priorities and our progress with them, our accounts and expenditure, highlights of the year and state and federal requirements.

Surveys of various sections of the school community are also included under the heading of satisfaction information. This will provide current and longitudinal information on parent satisfaction from a section of the school community where we also collect and report on student performance against the national assessment criteria.

Parents are offered the opportunity to complete this survey either on-line via the school website (under the ‘Parent Information’ tab) or as a paper copy to give all parents the opportunity to take part.

Returned surveys are to be placed in the “Survey Box” located in the school office by Friday 16th September 2022.

It would be sincerely appreciated if every family could complete and return the survey as your feedback on school operations is very important us.

Jonas Byford - Principal

To fill-out this survey, read each of the following statements and indicate, by clicking in the appropriate box, the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement.

Through this survey, we hope to find out about the impressions you have formed of our school. If you are unsure or sure about an issue, it will be useful for us to know what you believe. For this reason, please use the unable to comment option as little as possible.

For parents with more than one child at the school, it may seem appropriate to give varying opinions for some statements. However, would you please give your impression of the school based upon your experiences with regard to the eldest child at the school.

At the end of this survey, space is provided for you to make written comments about our school.

Gender of your child

Year group of your child at this school

My Child likes this school

Report an Absence

Any absences need to be advised to the school.  Please contact the school  if your child will be absent.