Contributions & Charges

East Beechboro Primary School

Voluntary Contributions

Contributions have been set at $50.00 per student and has been endorsed by our School Board. Although voluntary, the revenue received enables the school to enhance the educational experiences for all students.

Charges for Optional Activities

Students engage in a variety of activities that are linked to and enhance educational programs. At times, these activities will incur charges that Voluntary Contributions do not cover. The Contributions and Charges schedule details the estimated costs that may be incurred throughout the year. These costs are charged to parents as events occur. An ‘up front’ payment is not required.


Voluntary Contributions are requested at the start of the school year but can be made throughout the year. Reminders of Unpaid Billing Items are sent to parents each term. Payments can be made by cash in the school office, cheque, Eftpos or by direct debit to the school.

Parents who experience financial difficulty are asked to call the school and speak to our Manager Corporate Services.