East Beechboro Primary School

Effective communication and positive, respectful relationships are essential in ensuring that our school runs effectively. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss with their child’s classroom teacher or a member of Administration, issues that are important to them, their child, or the school in general. 

We also employ several modes of communication to ensure that our community are well informed of school events and procedures.

Parent Information Sessions

Classroom meetings are held at the start of each year to establish relationships between parents and teachers.

These meeting are designed to provide parents with the opportunity to hear about what their child will be learning, the challenges they may face, our expectations of them and how parents can support their learning.


Connect is one of our primary forms of communication with our school community.  Notices, Newsletters and Student Reports are sent to parents via Connect.

Connect enables parents and caregivers to engage with their child’s learning easily and safely online.

The Connect Now App enables parents to read notices, access attachments and view classroom photos.

Information Briefs and Newsletters

These publications are produced fortnightly to inform parents of up-coming events, school procedures and as a celebration of student achievement.

The first Information Brief of the term is sent to families as a printed version.

The school newsletter is produced twice a term and is sent home to all families as a printed version. Although this publication contains important school information, it is primarily a celebration of student achievement.

Both publications are also sent via Connect and placed on the school website.

School Notes

Notes are sent home for school related issues including urgent messages or relating to specific events such as incursions, excursions and sporting events.


Assemblies occur every week (Wednesday). Assemblies are either hosted by our Student Councillors or will be presented by a particular class and provide the opportunity for information dissemination to an audience comprised of both students and families.


The school website contains a suite of information relevant to our school.  It is used to provide timely, engaging and up to date information for current parents, students and the wider community.