Business Plan

East Beechboro Primary School

East Beechboro is a community school with 420 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 which caters for the educational needs of children from many cultural backgrounds as well as students with special needs. 

In a partnership of mutual respect and purpose, our staff and school community work with a shared vision to establish a learning environment that provides a well balanced education that maximises the outcomes of all students emotionally, socially and academically. The basis of our school’s beliefs is a commitment to the importance of quality relationships upon which a safe, happy and productive learning environment will continue to grow.

Teaching and learning is based on educational best practice where knowledge is communicated to all stakeholders, working with a clear vision of priorities and the needs of all. The dedicated and professional staff provide comprehensive educational programs designed to produce well rounded individuals who possess strong social and personal skills alongside their academic strengths. The programs reflect the importance of an effective early childhood education and the need for all our students to master essential literacy and numeracy skills. The school’s educational programs are enhanced through collaboration with associated professionals.

At East Beechboro Primary we aspire to develop qualities that contribute to the growth of resilient students, staff and caregivers, who are encouraged to actively demonstrate good citizenship and responsibility in their daily lives. Explicit teaching of values including, consideration, respect, courtesy, commitment, reliability and friendliness are inherent in all learning areas.