Annual Report

East Beechboro Primary School

2021 East Beechboro Primary School Annual Report.

This report is designed to provide information about the performance of East Beechboro Primary School in the second year of our current Business Plan. It highlights our achievements and successes, opportunities for improvement and will inform our community of our initiatives and outcomes.

The 2021 school year commenced with a state-wide lockdown and the return to school saw the introduction of mask-wearing, the continuation of social distancing and rigorous hygiene and cleaning practices. In spite of the uncertain start to the year, the intermittent lockdowns and the challenges created by the pandemic, we continued to ensure that student learning remained our focus and maintained our high quality teaching standards.

Our continued success as a school is a testament to the support, commitment and immense efforts of every member of our school community. Special thanks goes to our dedicated staff, parents and caregivers for their resilience and determination in ensuring that all our students were provided with the best educational experiences possible.