Parents as Partners

East Beechboro Primary welcomes and supports parental involvement and encourages parents to take an active role supporting the school by working collaboratively with a shared vision of assisting our students to reach their potential.  Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in as many school activities as possible.

  • School Board - The School Board works in conjunction with the administration to set school policy and objectives. In addition, they work with the staff to develop the school business plan, oversee financial management, determine school priorities and promote the school. School Board members are elected, however independent community members are invited to join the board.
  • Parents and Citizen’s Association – The P&C is an energetic parent group who play a vital role assisting the school in ensuring students are provided with the best educational experiences possible. In addition to various fundraising enterprises, the P&C takes an active interest in school affairs and educational developments, which are of interest to all parents and children.